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Dahi Shampoo

Dahi Shampoo

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One of the most abundantly available remedies we possess is the old, humble, Dahi (yoghurt). The benefits that Dahi offers for healthy hair are commonly known, yet underutilized. At Dr. Khan’s Botanical Pharmaceuticals, we have leveraged its immense abilities to develop a shampoo that is your perfect companion for hair care. We use the purest curd from cow’s milk and ensure that the resultant shampoo is completely free of any chemicals, making it completely safe and effective for anyone who uses it across age groups! It is Made with completely natural ingredients with Ayurvedic practices.


1. Dahi shampoo nourishes hair.

2. Eliminates dandruff.

3. Controls Hairfall

Directions: Take the required amount of shampoo, Gently massage it all over your scalp, cleanse with water.

No parabens | no silicon | no artificial colors | Noartificial flavours and fragrances | cruelty free | Ayurvedic recipe | Dermatology tested

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