Skin-care is a significant step in ensuring one’s well-being as skin is your body’s largest organ. It serves as a protective barrier between your inner body and the rest of the world. Further, it also helps regulate body temperature and acts as a filter for harmful pollutants.


We provide treatments that help you feel and look your best. “Putting the highest quality skin, hair, and cosmetic treatments within your reach.” At Dr Khan's Skin. Hair And Cosmetic Clinic we offer our customers a full range of medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatological treatments. As trusted experts in Junagadh, Gujarat, for more than 30 years, we have specialized in dermatological and trichology problems such as Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Fungal, Paediatric Dermatology, Hair loss, Alopecia.

  • Skin Treatments
  • Face Polishing Treatment

This is one of the latest methods of improving skin texture and appearance for those wanting a blemish-free complexion and is effective skin rejuvenation.

Panchkarma Face treatment

It is meant to cleanse, improve and pamper the skin. In addition, the massage in PFT encourages blood flow which relaxes and rejuvenates the facial muscles.


The importance of cosmetics has increased as people focus more on their looks and preventing processes like anti-aging. In addition, cosmetics are needed for continuous cleansing, beautifying the appearance without affecting the body's structure.

Gold Radiant Treatment

Nourishes the skin at a deeper level, naturally cleansing and toning up the skin.

Leech Therapy

This ancient Ayurvedic practice is still with us today. It is effective to increase blood circulation and to alleviate blood clots, treatments that would be useful in many skin disorders i.e. Psoriasis, Eczema, Fungus, etc.

Face Spa

Herbo Facial Cupping Therapy

It is done using customized cups, a non-invasive treatment to minimize suntan, wrinkles, and tightening of the skin.

Herbo Jet Therapy

It mainly helps to reduce acne scars, minimize pores and exfoliate dead skin cells without any painful extractions.

Non-Invasive Acne Treatment

It is a painless treatment for acne without leaving behind any marks or scars on the skin.

Hair Treatments

Scalp Detox Therapy This is a natural and necessary therapy for the scalp done with carbonation and adjusting PH level, making hair strong, cleansing the scalp, facilitating blood circulation, and opening up pores to become healthier and balanced.


One ancient Ayurvedic therapy is done with warm herbal oils and liquids over the forehead also reduces vatadhosa. This way effectively helps treat hair loss and promotes hair growth.

Hair Serum

Nourishes the hair scalp and prevents dandruff and fungal infections of the scalp. In addition, it gives natural hair shine and protects against external factors such as dust and humidity.

Keratin Smoothing

It is a protein-rich treatment in which the protein pack is applied all over the hairs. Nowadays, as follicles are much exposed to chemical products, it leads to split ends and dull, dry, and curly hair conditions. So to overcome problems of hair, this protein-rich treatment is used.

Hair Repair Treatment

It gives strength to hair follicles, nourishes the roots, and revitalizes the scalp, leading to natural hair rebirth.

Herbo Jet Therapy

It mainly helps to reduce acne, scars, minimizes pores, and exfoliatesdead skin cells without any painful extractions.