What is natural cosmetics anyway?

28 August, 2021

The cosmetics industry has always been shady for the ingredients that are used in the production of their products. We believe that lotions, deodorants, and makeup we put on our skin are eventually absorbed into our body which maybe makes you think that they must be regulated in the same way as food or medicine.

But the truth is they are not!

According to studies, the average woman uses 12 personal care products a day containing 168 different chemicals. A recent study has revealed that the skin may absorb up to 60% of the chemicals in products it comes in contact with. Cosmetics may not deliver the projected results but the chemicals used can result in allergies, discoloration, pigmentation, or maybe it can also lead to permanent damage to skin or scalp. Such unregulated production amid the increased usage of cosmetics full of risks has led to a steep rise in side effects amongst the consumers.

This calls for a revolution in the cosmetics and beauty industry. It's the sole right of consumers to know about the confusing adverts filled with buzzwords, marketing, and greenwashing. This is when consumers should be directed towards natural cosmetic products which are regulated and checked for the natural ingredients which are used.

This brings up the question: What is natural cosmetics anyway?!

Natural cosmetics lets you experience the beauty which you last long for without sacrificing or harming your body. Cosmetics shouldn’t give you the doubt of what would be the outcome of using a certain product whereas natural cosmetics assure you of the best beauty experience.

But when we switch towards a healthier option people are usually concerned about these products being a bit more expensive than regular synthetic cosmetics.

The fact that it is manufactured from natural ingredients also reduces the shelf life of the products. Using healthy and natural products can require a change in expectations because it is an important and a shift for your benefit. Being well-sourced and high-quality ingredients such as natural products are bound to get a hit on value but they are worth the price.

The main aim of natural cosmetics is to make people aware that there is a choice and that there is no need of sticking with cosmetics fused with chemicals. There is no need to stay in doubt anymore!

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